Introduction to Liv laga

“Liv laga” is a national organisation started by parents for parents and parents-to-be in the whole of Norway.  Anybody who supports our work can become a member. “Liv laga” works to ensure that all women who give birth in Norway:

  • are given the care they need
  • are met with respect for their wishes and the choices they make
  • are and feel safe and cared for during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period

The name

The name “Liv laga” has a double meaning. Directly translated it means: life created – the baby in the womb. But it is also a saying meaning «viable» – that something has the will of life in it, and will persist.

An investment

We believe that our society can afford and needs to provide women with good care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. We see this as an important societal investment. A safe pregnancy and a good birth experience are crucial factors in giving a family a good start, and can prevent physical, psychological and social problems for both the baby and the parents.

Many women have good experiences with the care that is provided for them during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Our aim is to see that everyone has good experiences! Would you like to help us?

Support our work

You can support our work by becoming a support member, a standard member or an advertiser. You are also welcome to take active part in our campaigns for improving pregnancy/birth care services, either in your local area or on a national level. Our members are spread out over a large geographical area but we meet up through a member forum where we work together, discuss issues and exchange advice.

Please fill in the form here to become a member (only in Norwegian, please write us an e-mail if you need a translation).

User influence

The health service cannot provide good quality services without listening to its users, which is why it’s crucial that we have user representatives both on a regional and national level. We aim to have parents as representatives in user committees. Professionals within the health service as well as decision-makers are interested in hearing users’ opinions and we are gaining support for our work.

We have representatives in the Norwegian National council for birth care and have written several submissions. “Liv laga” is in regular contact with central bureaucrats and politicians. In addition we work together with other voluntary organisations and trade unions. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will choose to become a member!

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